Artemis System

Artemis is an innovative System for digital OR Integration and remote access. The System is capable of a complex audio-video management in up to 4K resolution. It provides distribution, capturing, displaying, live broadcasting, recording, parametrization, archiving and processing of audio-visual data.

Thanks to the Artemis System features, every doctor may watch live even the most detailed scenes of surgeries and share them in real time or any time after. Surgeries are recorded in high quality and can be cut and edited very easily.

Connecting the World with Live Surgery
The world is connected by technology. Spread your medical knowledge effortlessly with Artemis. Share the best of your skills and approach with colleagues, students or experts.

Note: Video from any camera can be connected within the Operating Theatre or any other room (Procedure room, Examination room, Ambulance).

The most advanced features

  • Advanced options for switching all video inputs (cameras) and outputs (monitors)

  • Widely available online live streaming

  • Conference calls for remote consultation or interactive teaching of medics

  • Easy editing of recorded videos (incl. automatic according to time stamps)

  • Export to multiple storages, including PACS (DICOM)

  • PTZ camera controls

Cost effectiveness

  • Favorable price/performance ratio

  • Flexibility to adapt the solution according to the needs of the workplace

  • Modularity allows for easy upgrade from simple to complex configurations

Support and Openness

  • The functionality is always verified and adapted to practical requirements

  • Connectivity to any type of video signal

  • Easy adaptability to existing hospital infrastructure

  • Development takes place in the Czech Republic, with complete technical support and service

  • We have implemented systems in both small and large facilities in the Czech Republic and around the world


  • Sensitive patient data is always 100% under your control and protected

  • Stored data and live broadcasts are secured

  • User access management

Features of the Artemis System

The System offers customized applications according to the user types and needs.
View the features and options available to our users.


Complete audio-video management of the Operating Theatre, operations recorded and shared in perfect quality

Includes all features of Doctor and adds:

  • Advanced options for switching all video inputs and outputs

  • Controll of recording and streaming device

  • PTZ camera controls

  • Installation onto a PC or tablet in the Operating Theatre or Preparation room

  • Easy saving of the recording onto a portable storage or a network storage

  • Management and connection of any camera on the Operating Theatre

  • Downloading patient’s data from the Worklist

  • Storing data into PACS system

  • Possibility of commenting on the operation progress and doctor’s live communication with the viewers within the system

  • Modularity and a possibility to a custom-extension according to the needs of a particular clinic


Managemen of acquired data in the archive, medical education and remote supervision

Includes all features of Consultant and adds:

  • Access to the archive and management of acquired data, including automatic video editing according to timestamps (important moments)

  • Organizing professional seminars or teaching for students

  • Compilation of important parts from operation recordings for subsequent education

  • Precise conclusions and verdicts based upon high-quality picture

  • Highly effective tool for medical education


Remote assistance and consultation

Includes all features of Student and adds:

  • Interactive video conference calls from anywhere

  • Chatting with other conference participants

  • Telestration

  • Help from fellow specialists in complex procedures

  • Improving the quality and increasing the availability of medical care

  • Reduction in the number of trips to interventions


Monitoring the progress of the operation

  • Observing live action in the Operating Theaters from anywhere

  • High-quality image enabling detailed observation of the operation

  • A modern way of medical education

  • Faster education of specialists thanks to the possibility of watching more complex and less frequent operations

  • Easy access from a computer, tablet or mobile phone

  • Intuitive control

Časté dotazy

Je třeba koupit všechny součásti najednou?

Není, jednotlivé součásti systému je možné kdykoli dokoupit a tím rozšiřovat jeho funkcionalitu.

Je možné systém po koupi rozšiřovat?

Ano, systém je modulární a lze ho rozšiřovat. Rozšiřování přidává novou funkcionalitu a také zefektivňuje pracovní workflow.

Jaká je kvalita záznamu?

Systém zaznamenává video ve stejném rozlišení a snímkové frekvenci jako je výstup z modality (kamery). Maximální podporované rozlišení je 4K při 60 snímcích za sekundu. Systém také podporuje 3D obraz.

Jaké jsou požadavky na počítačovou síť?

Systém byl navržen tak, aby podporoval obvyklou síťovou infrastrukturu. Počítačové sítě o rychlosti alespoň 100 Mbit/s jsou dostatečné pro bezproblémové provozování systému.

Jak je systém zabezpečen?

Systém splňuje legislativu o kybernetické bezpečnosti a je v souladu s předpisy GDPR a NÚKIB.

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