About us

A modern company with tradition and experience.

MEDUTECH is a modern Czech company located in the city of Brno, a region recognized for its advanced technological background. The company focuses on the development, production and integration of audiovisual applications and solutions for the medical industry. In addition, we also distribute medical grade IT equipment.

We have given doctors, medics and experts a unique audio-visual tool that shows even the smallest details of difficult surgeries live and in near-perfect quality. Now every doctor and medic has the opportunity to watch and learn from the greatest experts and experienced specialists in their field. We make understanding operation procedures, processes in the human body and sharing life-saving know-how easier.

Our motto „Able to see“ represents our commitment to always let the user to perceive and understand everything happening on the other side of the screen in greatest possible detail. This is perfectly represented with our flagship Artemis medical vision system, an important milestone project for years to come.


Tailored solutions

With an experienced team, MEDUTECH can offer not only its own innovative product portfolio but also tailored solutions for customization and system integration.

MEDUTECH is certified in accordance with ISO 13485. Quality and expertise are therefore guaranteed.

Customer support

Our job is all but finished after selling the products. We will help you with the installation, we will train you and your colleagues. And if you don't know what to do or something doesn't work as it should, call us, our service technicians will come to you to fix everything. We always listen and try to understand our customers' needs.

Personal approach

We understand that human health is crucial and the ability to provide exceptional healthcare requires close interdisciplinary colaboration. Every project, even the smallest one, deserves a personal approach.